North Korea calls for tighter border controls as the Corona pandemic rages




Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea

North Korea called for tightening border controls and urged its officials to remain “on high alert at all times,” in light of the high number of coronavirus infections around the world.

“Building an impenetrable barrier in preparation for the worsening pandemic is a crucial issue in intensifying the anti-virus campaign,” “Rodong Shinmun” newspaper, speaking for the ruling party, said on Sunday, pointing out that “we must continue to maintain an iron barrier to protect the safety of our country and people.”

The newspaper also called on officials to “find and block any space, no matter how small, for any possible transmission of the virus,” warning against neglect and irresponsibility.

“We must always bear in mind that any gap in our mentality will lead to a crack in our barriers,” the newspaper said.

Source: “Yonhap”


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