Nissan sues Carlos Ghosn and seeks compensation of $ 95 million


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TOKYO: The legal troubles facing Carlos Ghosn, the former president of Nissan Motor Company, increased on Friday as a civil court in Yokohama, Japan, began hearing a lawsuit filed by the company demanding he pay 10 billion yen ($ 95 million) in damages.

The company said in a statement: “The legal steps that began today form part of Nissan’s policy of holding Ghosn responsible for the damage and financial losses incurred by the company due to the violations he committed.”

Ghosn, who also ran French car company Renault, had been in France since fleeing Japan in January before he was brought to trial. He denies wrongdoing.

“The civil lawsuit filed by Nissan is an extension of an entirely unreasonable internal investigation involving malicious intentions by a part of Nissan’s high command, and the illogical arrests and accusations leveled by prosecutors,” Ghosn said in an emailed statement.

The civil trial is taking place alongside another criminal in a Tokyo court for former Nissan executive Greg Kelly accused with Ghosn of concealing his true profits.

(Dollar = 105.0000 yen)



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