Next Monday, a semi-lunar eclipse will not Al Anbaa Newspaper


Next Monday, the Earth will witness a (semi-shadow) eclipse of the moon, which is the fourth and last in 2020, which will not be seen in Africa or Arab countries, and will last for 4 hours and 21 minutes, and will be observed in eastern Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Engineer Majed Abu Zahra, head of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, said in a statement that a (semi-shadow) eclipse occurs when the moon moves through the faded outer part of the earth’s shadow called (semi-shadow), and during this type of eclipse the moon’s lighting will diminish slightly, but in general the entire disk will remain. Sunlit during the duration of the eclipse.

He added that this eclipse occurs three days after the moon reaches its apogee, which is the farthest distance in its orbit from the Earth, so its apparent size will appear 5.2% smaller than the average.

He explained that the eclipse will start with the moon entering the semi-shadow region of the Earth at 7:32 in the morning (GMT), and observers will not notice any change, and the moon will appear as usual, and during that the moon will reach the moment of the full moon at nine o’clock and 29 minutes in the morning (GMT) and be cut Half orbit around the Earth during this month, which is the last full moon during the autumn season.

He pointed out that this will be followed by the arrival of the lunar eclipse its climax (mid-eclipse) at nine and 42 minutes in the morning (GMT) – and at that time (83%) of its disk will be located in the semi-shadow of the earth, which is slightly less compared to (90%) In the eclipse of the tenth of last January, but it is better than 57% in the eclipse of the fifth of last June, and 35% in the eclipse of the fifth of last July.

He emphasized that the time of the greatest peak of the eclipse would be the best time to notice the fading in the north of the moon’s disk for the observer, especially when taking pictures, and in general the moon’s disk will remain fully lit, and the moon’s movement will continue within a region (semi-shadow of the Earth) until it emerges from it at 11 and 53 minutes in the morning. – GMT – at which point the eclipse stages end.

He mentioned that two weeks after a semi-shadow eclipse of the Moon, a total solar eclipse will occur unseen in the sky of the Arab world


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