Newspaper: Saudi Arabia wants to end the conflict with Qatar as a “gift to Biden”


Reuters Algaloud City

The Financial Times reported, citing sources, that Saudi Arabia intensified its efforts to resolve the three-year-old conflict with Qatar, before the arrival of the new US administration led by Joe Biden to the White House.

و .وضحت The newspaper The desire to end the blockade imposed on Qatar comes within the framework of an attempt by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to win Biden’s support, and it may also be a “farewell” measure towards the current US President Donald Trump.

The newspaper quoted unidentified sources as saying that this step would be a “gift to Biden”, and that the crown prince now feels “within the crossfire” after Biden’s victory, and wants to make a deal with Qatar to show “his desire and willingness to take steps.”

In the same context, the Saudi political analyst, Ali Al-Shihabi, who is close to the royal court, told the newspaper that the Saudi government was “open to solving the problem” with Qatar for several months.

A diplomatic source revealed to the newspaper, without mentioning his identity, that the basis for direct bilateral negotiations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar has been laid, and that negotiations are underway with the mediation of the United States and Kuwait.

For its part, Qatar wants to fulfill a number of preconditions for reconciliation, and according to the diplomat, among them may be “confidence-building” measures, particularly lifting the air embargo and allowing the movement of Qatari citizens to the countries that imposed the blockade.

According to the newspaper, the Saudi and Emirati authorities want Qatar to stop criticizing Saudi Arabia on its TV channels.

It should be noted that in June 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt unexpectedly cut off relations with Qatar and imposed an embargo on it, accusing it of “supporting terrorism”, which Doha denies.

Source: “Financial Times”


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