News 24 | The “Human Resources” conducts inspection campaigns on commercial establishments in Riyadh, and detects 35 work violations


This week, inspection teams affiliated to the Human Resources and Social Development Branch in Riyadh Region seized 35 violations of the Labor Law and its implementing regulations.

The Ministry stated that it had carried out 104 inspection visits to commercial establishments in the governorates of Al-Muzahimiyah, Al-Quwai’iyah, Al-Ruwaida, Al-Rayn, Al-Dawadmi, Marat and Al-Sih centers, in which the focus was taken on all the activities targeted at settlement.

She indicated that the inspection tours resulted in sending 21 warnings to the violating establishments and scheduling their visit again, as part of the ongoing campaigns carried out by the Human Resources and Social Development Branch in Riyadh, to follow up on the commitment of the establishment owners to the decisions that regulate the labor market, and to protect the business owners committed to the system and other parties benefiting from it.


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