News 24 | Tariq Al-Habib explains the age groups most affected by obsessive disorder … and women are in the top (video)


Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Tariq Al-Habib, confirmed that studies indicated that OCD affects women more than men.

Al-Habib said in an interview on “Ya Hala” program on “Rotana Khalijia” channel, that obsessive-compulsive disorder affects a person in adulthood and early adulthood, but it can affect children and is usually more severe if it starts early.

He added that when comparing men with women, we find that obsessive-compulsive disorder increases slightly in women, except in children, in males it is more, and the earlier it starts, the more its deterioration is often.

He pointed out that obsessive-compulsive disorder may lead to depression, and here comes the process of adjusting the dose of the drug for depression, indicating that the OCD patient gets more doses of depression medication and a longer period for the treatment to start its effectiveness.


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