News 24 | Sheikh Al-Shathry clarifies the ruling on giving zakat to his children and grandchildren (video)


A member of the Senior Scholars Council, Sheikh Saad Al-Shathry, explained the ruling on giving a person zakat on his money to his children and grandchildren, both boys and girls.

Al-Shathry said, in an interview with the program “Istfatounak” on the “Al-Risalah” channel, that it is not permissible for a person to pay his zakat on his assets from parents, grandparents and grandmothers or to the branches (son, son’s son, daughter, and son’s daughter), whether they are heirs or non-heirs, indicating that This applies to the tribes on the girl’s side.

He added that a person should be closer to spending on these people from his free money, stressing that God will not disappoint those who spend of his money on his relatives, citing the Almighty saying:


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