News 24 | His lawyer raises 5 requests … A new objection brings the case of Nahar Al-Harithi back to the fore


Child’s lawyer, Nahar Al-Harithi, presented a victim of genitalectomy in Taif Governorate, A new objection On Judgment in the case By the legitimate health authority in the province.

Lawyer Qusay Al-Sharif requested compensation for his client for bodily harm and moral damages, with referring the case to the experts for investigation and clarifying the facts in full, and obligating the Ministry of Health to treat the affected person during the day in a specialized and advanced center based on the attached medical report.

The lawyer’s requests, according to “Okaz,” included the inclusion of those who had a relationship with the case file or direct contact with the patient during the day in the indictment and their punishment according to what was stated in the practice of health professions system, in addition to the ruling for litigation fees.

And it was thھThe Forensic Health Authority in Taif has issued a verdict convicting a doctor and a nurse in the case of the child during the day Al-Harithi.


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