News 24 | “Health” explains the possibility of a person recovering from “Corona” infection again with the virus


The Ministry of Health confirmed that there is limited information about the possibility of recovering people from “Corona” being infected again with the virus, pointing out that most of the research is still under study.

She explained that the results of laboratory tests show that the virus remains in the human body at a very low dose and concentration for three months after infection, with no possibility of infection.

She indicated that there are not yet any cases that prove that the virus has re-infected recovering people during the first three months of recovery, calling on people who have symptoms of “new corona” to undergo examination immediately, especially when they have contact with infected people.

She indicated that when the symptoms of the new “Corona” virus appear in the recovering people during the first three months, it is necessary in this case to determine the cause of the symptoms, and to conduct a corona examination only when there is no other cause for the symptoms.

She cautioned that it is not recommended to isolate the recovered person during the first three months of the injury. Or testing when in contact with a person infected with the virus, but this is done after three months of infection.


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