News 24 | He has genius in physics and mathematics … the story of a student suffering from “genius syndrome” and “measurement” obstructing the realization of his dream.


The Qiyas test stood as a barrier to a student with autism in achieving the dream of entering the university, despite his brilliance in mathematics and physics, because of his problem in dyslexia.

The mother of the student, Khaled Al-Qusayr, explained that her son showed brilliance in mathematics, reads great numbers from an early age, and is interested in physics and astronomy and analyzes theories.

She added, in her interview with Al-Akhbariya channel today (Saturday), that his teachers were unanimously agreed that he is a brilliant, but in the written exams, his score drops, because there is no oral method that suits his situation.

And she indicated that she had applied 6 times to measure when he was at the end of his first secondary school to prepare them that her son needed a reader, and they refused, and they argue that their system does not exist in it.

She indicated that she had submitted a request to the head of the Education Evaluation Authority, Dr. Hussam Abdel Wahab, and he agreed to her son’s test with the presence of a reader, and after the test he scored 79, indicating that they tried to be tested again because they were confident of achieving a higher score, but that was rejected, arguing that this was not Possible in light of the Corona crisis, although the first test was also in the middle of the virus days.

For his part, student Khaled Al-Qusayr asserted that he was confident of achieving a higher score in the measurement test, but they stood in the way of achieving his ambition to study the university major he wants.


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