News 24 | An official at the “Health Ministry”: We expect an increase in “Corona” injuries in the Kingdom for several reasons (video)


The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Public Health, Dr. Hani Joukhadar, expected an increase in cases of “Corona” virus during the coming period; Because of the changing atmosphere in the Kingdom and the increase in family gatherings inside and outside homes, in addition to the lack of commitment to wearing a mask.

He explained during his speech on the “Tamm” program on the “Saudi” channel, that the increase in cases of “Corona” in Europe and America is an indication of the return of the virus in the same way that it spread in the first stage, where the numbers increased and then began to decrease.

He called for adherence to wearing masks, observing the rules of social distancing, and reducing gatherings in closed places, especially during this period, indicating that the reason for the re-spread of Corona in European countries again is the lack of commitment to masks and social distancing.

He stressed that the Kingdom is working on two tracks in order to provide the best and safe vaccine against the virus, indicating that it is not conducting a clinical study at this time.


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