News 24 | Al-Sheikh: We have overcome the Coronavirus unrest through an innovative approach to ensure the continuity of education


The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, affirmed that the Kingdom has strengthened the cooperative work policies called for by the G20 education ministers, by meeting the educational needs of 6 million students and continuing education at a distance.

He pointed out that his ministry has succeeded in overcoming the disruptions caused by the pandemic, by drawing an innovative approach to managing the priorities of the education working group, and developing the “Madrasati” platform to ensure the continuity of education under the slogan “My school is in my home.”

He added, in an article published by the G20 Research Center at the University of Toronto, Canada entitled: “Together for the Continuity of Education”, coinciding with the Kingdom’s hosting of the G20 Leaders Summit, that the Kingdom has taken the lead in responding to and mitigating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on education systems.

He indicated that the Ministry has invested in training teachers, in providing systems that support students and parents, and building innovative tools in distance learning, and will build on the success achieved by the Education Working Group, and cooperation, participation and follow-up of studies on the use of technology in early childhood education will continue.

He stressed that those responsible for education in the G20 have recognized the vital role of early childhood education in the development of global competencies, and the development of flexible mechanisms that contribute to the inclusion of global knowledge and skills and multiple cultures into the classes of basic and higher education, in ways that are compatible with the local, regional and national contexts of each country.


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