News 24 | Al-Hussaini: A wave of cold and rain this week .. And whoever did not prepare winter clothes supplies them


Weather and climate researcher Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini expects that at the end of this week, a rainy state of varying intensity over large parts of the Kingdom and the Gulf will witness the fourth rainy state for the 1442 AH season.

He added that it is also expected that the Kingdom will witness a cold wave of medium strength, and he advised preparing winter clothes to face this wave.

Regarding Sunday, Al-Hussaini expected to witness a surge of quantities of moisture (cloud material), which would affect the Kingdom indirectly.

He pointed out that this indirect effect is due to the development of the tropical depression, which is located southwest of the Arabian Sea, into a deep tropical depression due to the acceleration of winds around its center, and its destination is expected to be Somalia.


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