News 24 | After a video clip of him spread … Retired Dean: That is why I preferred to work in cooking


Retired Brigadier General Abdullah Ali Al-Amer revealed the reasons for his tendency to the field of cooking after the end of his service in the civil defense sector in Hail region.

He explained, during his speech to Al-Arabiya, that he preferred working in the world of cooking and business administration to be a role model for retired young men and women, indicating that he seeks to prove that giving continues despite any social criticism that a person may face.

The Amer, who spread, noted A video of him on social media platforms He cooks after retirement, until he faced great social criticism, but his work convictions pushed him to continue his career, stressing that society needs to correct its concepts, so that every person can practice the work he loves.

He stated that all fields are open to investment in various fields for self-realization away from the job, expressing his full readiness to receive young people and train them in various cooking skills.


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