New restrictions imposed in Moscow against the backdrop of the worsening Corona crisis


The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, announced today, Tuesday, the tightening of restrictions imposed in the capital against the background of the escalation of the Corona virus crisis.

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The text of a decree published on the Sobyanin official website stated that the epidemiological situation in the capital has witnessed a continuous deterioration since last September, and that the health authorities recorded, on Monday, 6,897 new cases of corona, an unprecedented increase since the start of the pandemic.

Sobyanin added that the city authorities expect this situation to deteriorate during the next few weeks, in addition to the growing number of other seasonal respiratory diseases, which makes the previously imposed restrictions on the lives of Muscovites insufficient.

The decree stated that one of the most prominent new measures is the transfer of university and college students in the capital to the distance education system, with students being recommended to stay at home and reduce trips on transportation as possible.

The decree also imposed other restrictions, including the following:

– Banning the operation of restaurants, cafes and other nightclubs at night times, without this procedure being included in the aforementioned establishments selling meals prepared to be eaten outside

Recommendation for organizations operating in the service sector to use the customer and employee phone numbers registration system,

Reducing the number of viewers in theaters, cinemas and concert halls by 25% of the total number of seats in them,

– Allowing sporting events with the participation of spectators only with permission from the city authorities,

Suspending exhibitions, parties and other cultural, entertainment and educational events that require the attendance of large numbers of visitors.

Suspending the work of camps and entertainment centers for children located in the buildings, with the possibility of conducting outdoor activities for children.

Sobyanin explained that the aforementioned restrictions will be in effect from November 13 to next January 15, noting that there is talk of “very disturbing but necessary” measures in the circumstances of the growing number of Coronavirus infections in the capital.

The mayor of Moscow indicated that the new measures are imposed this time for a period of two months (not a month as in the past), with the aim of exempting institutions and the business sector from costs that they may have to bear in the event of the sudden cancellation of mass events during the upcoming New Year holidays.

Source: RT


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