New comment by the Muhammed Ramadan crisis bomber … and tweets: “Normalization is rejected”


The Emirati media claimed Hamad Al Mazrouei, That the artist Mohamed RamadanHe did not know that the characters who took the pictures with them had Israeli citizenship.

Al Mazrouei, who sparked the crisis by posting pictures of Ramadan with the Israelis, said in a tweet on his official account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”: “To say the word of truth, the artist Mohamed Ramadan He did not know that the artist who took the photo with him was of Israeli nationality, for clarification.

Many followers criticized Al Mazrouei’s tweet, explaining that Mohamed Ramadan He listened to Israeli songs in a party that lasted for several hours, and that there is no justification for misleading, while others stressed that the peoples reject normalization with The Zionist entityAnd that they have nothing to do with what governments do.

And the Union of the Three Artistic Unions had decided, in the emergency meeting held on Monday evening, to refer the artist Mohamed Ramadan To the investigation, with the knowledge of a committee formed from the general unions, provided that the investigation takes place in the first week of December, due to the presence of “Ramadan” outside the country.

The Art Syndicates Union also decided to stop the artist Mohamed Ramadan about job; Until the end of the investigation, after appearing with the Israeli actor Elad Tesla, the singer Omer Adam, and the Israeli soccer player Dia Sabaa, at a party in Dubai, UAE.

The Press Syndicate Council also confirmed his conviction for violating the invitee Mohamed Ramadan The decisions of the Egyptian trade unions banning forms of normalization with the occupation state and provoking the feelings of the Arab people, pointing out that he revives the decision of the Technical Syndicates Federation to suspend it and refer it for investigation.

And he issued a binding decision for members of the General Assembly to boycott the representative’s news Mohamed RamadanAnd not to publish his name or photo on any press platform until the end of the investigation with him in his syndicate.

The council stated that violating the decision to boycott this representative will subject the perpetrator to disciplinary accountability and will be referred immediately to the union investigation committee.

وعلق Mohamed Ramadan, On the decision to suspend him, through his accounts on social media, saying: “I respect the union’s decision despite my explanation of my position on the subject of my picture with an Israeli, and I do not know his nationality, and if I knew I would have refused photography.”

He added: “Second: The place (a restaurant) is not a private party, and he played Arabic, English and French songs, and when the Israeli song worked, I don’t know what was supposed to be. I would leave my friends and run, I was given in the elevator and I did not do what ?!

He continued: “I am in an Arab country, and the position is new to us, regret, and despite my explanation to Mr. Al-Naqib, I was stopped from acting in Egypt.”

He concluded, “Thank you, Syndicate of Theatrical Professions … Thank you, the production company, for canceling the next Ramadan series … Thank you, my fans, for not supporting me … My confidence is in God alone.”


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