Netherlands: The shooting of the Saudi embassy in The Hague was motivated by terrorism


The Dutch police said that the shooting at the Saudi embassy in The Hague, which took place last week, was motivated by a terrorist, according to an urgent news broadcast by Al Arabiya a short while ago. The Dutch police added that the arrested attempted to kill the guard of the Saudi embassy in The Hague.

Earlier, Nasser Al Ghanoum, Acting Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in The Hague revealed the details of the shooting at the embassy, ​​saying that the shooting took place at 5.37 am, and only security men were present in the building and none of them were injured, according to Al-Akhbariya channel..

He added that the embassy is located on a public road, so the criminal got out of his car and then shot at the front of the building and inflicted minor losses on the building.


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