Netanyahu receives the first flight from “flydubai”: We are flying over Saudi Arabia and the cycle of normalization continues to expand


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received, on Wednesday, the first commercial flight of the UAE airline, “Fly Dubai”, at Ben Gurion Airport, south of Tel Aviv, after an agreement to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel.

“This is the first commercial flight to be operated from Dubai to Israel,” Netanyahu said during the reception ceremony for the “flydubai” flight, and it is a historic flight since it is now inaugurating dozens of flights that will depart to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, not to mention the Far East on a weekly basis. Where added is the exemption from the need to possess an entry visa.

He added, “We are witnessing here a tremendous openness to the commercial, economic and tourism movement, which makes the Middle East really new and different features, as it allows people to meet as well as leaders. We broke up the Israeli-Arab conflict to make it Israeli-Arab cooperation, in order to create a new future, but a new present, and establish This is so fast, and I think the whole world is looking and realizing that we are making history here, which we all welcome. ”

In response to a press question about the passage of flights through Saudi airspace, Netanyahu said: “We do indeed operate flights that pass through Saudi airspace, as you know, because all of these flights pass over Saudi Arabia, including flights for Israeli companies, which I consider a welcome change.” And I expect that the circle of normalization will continue to expand, and I say this with the utmost confidence, “according to his Facebook page.

Netanyahu added: “There is nothing 100% guaranteed, but I expect more countries to join this circle, in one form or another, and at various levels, during the next few months, as this process is impossible to stop and we cannot reverse it.”

He added, “What we are doing today is like a historic event with the launch of the first commercial flight from Dubai to Israel, and it is not the last, as we are going to operate dozens of flights in both directions, which not only changes the future of the Middle East and Israel, but also its present.” .


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