NASA is backing away from the date set to send a human flight to the moon … Find out why


(MENAFN – Youm7) NASA revealed that sending the first woman and the next man to the moon by 2024 has become “unlikely” due to lack of funding, scheduling problems and the impact of the Coronavirus on operations, and highlighted the report, titled “ 2020 Report on Management and Performance Challenges NASA’s Supreme Court, ‘highlights a number of challenges including funding, scheduling and the scope of the Artemis mission.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, some concerns surround the main technologies of the mission, such as the production and adoption of the Space Launch System missile and the completion of the Orion crew capsule, and among the technological limitations, NASA’s plans were affected by the Corona virus by mid-April, as 12 out of 18 were closed. Major agency facility, and was unable to access necessary timelines.

“We believe that the agency will be under severe pressure to land astronauts on the surface of the Moon by the end of 2024,” the report said.

“At the very least, achieving any history close to this ambitious goal and reaching Mars in the 1930s requires strong, consistent and sustainable leadership from the President, Congress and NASA, as well as stable and timely funding,” the report added.

NASA must determine the true long-term costs of its human exploration programs, establish realistic timelines, define system requirements and mission planning, form or establish international partnerships, and leverage commercial space capabilities.

NASA was initially looking to 2028 for its Artemis mission, but President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence encouraged the agency to speed up their efforts and target mission four years ago.

Trump criticized NASA after months of seeking to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, saying the agency should instead focus on bigger initiatives such as going to Mars, while undermining his previous support for the lunar initiative.

“For all the money we spend, NASA shouldn’t talk about going to the moon, we did that 50 years ago,” the president wrote on Twitter, adding: “They should focus on the bigger things that we do, including Mars.”

Funding is a large part of the Artemis mission, as NASA requested $ 1.4 billion from the US government to create the lunar probe that would take astronauts to the surface of the moon, however, the request was not fully approved – they were only awarded $ 600 million.

In addition to the landings of astronauts, NASA had plans to build a “moon gate” settlement outpost, which was supposed to orbit the moon until now.



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