Nadine Nassib Najim returns to the fourth part of the prestige..what is the story?


The Syrian-Lebanese series prestige continues through the fourth part, which will be shown during the current days, under the title “Prestige – Response”.

The new part includes several new faces, headed by the Syrian actress, Dima Kandalaft, who is participating in the championship against the star of previous seasons Tim Hassan, Actor and Media Adel Karam has also joined the cast of the series with a major role.

During the presentation of the last episodes of the work, the audience noted that Nadine Nassib Njeim Which formed the strongest duo with Tim Hassan during the first season of work, was present during the filming of one of the scenes on the television screen, specifically from the program “Ighl Al Sakka” that was shown during the Ramadan 2020 season.

The Lebanese beauty had played the role of “Alia”, who was married to the brother of Jabal Sheikh al-Jabal, but after the death of her husband, she was forced to marry Jabal, who is Tim Hassan, and in the second part of the work it was announced that her role was terminated by escaping out of the country accompanied by Her son from her first husband.

It is reported that at the time, news circulated behind the scenes that Nadine had quarreled with Tim, which prompted her to withdraw from work, but the news was denied indirectly.

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