Nabil Al-Halafawi comments on the crisis of Muhammad Ramadan’s photos with Israelis


03:33 PM

Sunday 22 November 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

Artist Nabil Al-Halafawi, through his personal account on the “Twitter” site, published the statement of the artist Ashraf Zaki, in which he confirmed that the artist Muhammad Ramadan swore that he did not know the nationality of the Israeli singer, whose photo spread with him on social networking sites on Saturday 21 November.

Al-Halfawi wrote in his comment on the news: “Whether he knows or not … This public section is a confirmation of the view of popular normalization as an accusation that calls for a gross denial.”

The tweet of “the captain”, as the followers of Al-Halafawi prefer to call him, some commented on it with words, which made him see that there are those who did not understand what he wrote, and he explained in another tweet: He understands what he reads, because frankly, I am disgusted with the auctions … I wrote in Al-Ahram against normalization from what you generated.

It is worth noting that the crisis began with the publication of the Emirati Hamad Al Mazrouei, a picture of Ramadan and the Israeli singer Omer Adam (Omir Adam) on Twitter. (Elad Tasafani), and the second with Israeli soccer player Dia Sabaa.

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