Myriam Fares joins Nancy and attacks Elisa!


The artist, Myriam Fares, joined her colleague Nancy Ajram, and supported her in her attack on Elissa, after Ajram questioned the figures presented by (MTV) about Elissa’s successes, while she was hosting her on the occasion of more than twenty years since the start of her career and successes.

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Myriam wrote a letter to Ajram that he brought:

(Dear Nancy, unfortunately we are in Lebanon. The smell of corruption, hypocrisy and favoritism smells everywhere).

Nancy was suspicious of the report presented on the Lebanese screen and claims that Elissa has the largest number of followers among all Arab stars, through all the (social media) applications, including (Facebook), (Instagram) and (Twitter).

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Nancy was disturbed by this information, which she doubted, because she precedes her competition through (Instagram) and (Facebook), while Elisa excels on (Twitter).

And she said: (If it is in songs, clips, parties, hits, or appearances … and even numbers, the story does not seem like a calculator).

She added: (Your day is happy .. Chloe is credible), referring to her questioning the credibility of (MTV).

But we still did not understand why Miriam interfered with a case that did not concern her, and involved herself in something that it was better not to comment on, because Nancy and Elissa might reconcile in the end and leave Miriam alone in a critical situation.


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