My momentary decline … the Syrian pound touches the ceiling of 3,000 pounds


The Syrian pound continues to lose its value against foreign currencies, after it reached a record level in the trading market on Sunday, which touched the limits of 3 thousand Syrian pounds.As the lira recorded today, Sunday morning, a price of 2975 selling price, and 2925 buying price, according to the exchange rates bulletin of the site lira Today, an increase of 500 Syrian pounds over the foreign exchange rate last week.

The percentage of the Syrian pound’s loss from its value within one week is estimated at 12%, after the pound witnessed a daily decline in its value over the past week.

During the past two weeks, the Syrian pound has experienced partial stability, ranging between the exchange rate of 2,300 pounds to 2,400 pounds per dollar.

The sharp decline in the value of the Syrian pound was reflected in the prices of basic foodstuffs and commodities, as Syrians traded pictures of their food table and confined them to one meal instead of three, due to the insane increase in food prices, as the total cost of the breakfast table reached 10,000 Syrian pounds.Others mentioned that they are now compelled to use oils by “dripping” after they became taboo on the table of the Syrian family, as the price of “oil tank” exceeded 100,000 pounds, and “Ona” oil by 4,500 pounds, while the total prices of vegetables such as potatoes and eggplant were And tomatoes, about 3 thousand Syrian pounds.

The pound had crossed the 2000 lira per dollar barrier on June 10, after it witnessed rapid rises that nearly reached 3 thousand to one US dollar.
Economic expert Khaled Tarkawi said in a previous interview with Orient that the decline in the value of the pound is due to three reasons, the first of which is that Lebanon and Iraq closed their illegal crossings with Syria about a week ago, considering that it was the main source of the Assad government in obtaining the dollar it wanted.The second reason, according to Turkawi, is due to the large deficit in the general budget approved by the Assad government for the current year, which amounted to 8,500 billion Syrian pounds.

On the other hand, the threats that merchants and capital owners receive in Assad’s areas come to pressure them and push them to support the Assad government in paying what Turkawi called “royalties” as a third reason for the decline in the value of the Syrian pound.

A few days ago, the Baghdad government authorities announced the closure of unofficial border crossings with Syria in order to combat smuggling of consumer goods, while it was announced Lebanese army The closure of illegal crossings with Syria about a month ago, while media and activists are still questioning the correct implementation of the political closure decision requested by the government.


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