“My daughter is lost” .. Hala Al-Turk’s mother shocks everyone and threatens to expose the hidden


Sunday, 11-29-2020
03:47 PM

The mother of the famous and controversial Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk, threatened to reveal hidden details that no one knows about, due to the accusations that some make to her of neglecting her daughter’s upbringing and loss, and exploiting her for material gain.
Mona Al-Saber said, in a video clip of her via the “Snapchat” application: “In the coming days, I will speak for salvation … I cannot speak but I have no choice … I have to speak and defend my self, all people know the truth because everyone is sitting philosophically .. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
She added: “Everyone has been following up on this issue for a long time, and you know that I have not spoken, nor wronged anyone, nor exploited public opinion … But I made my case from the beginning a public opinion, and everyone needs to know where I arrived .. But I have been in a period of silence to preserve the feelings of my children .. Salvation in things that must be clarified for what they are, and people know what the issue is.
And she continued: “I have my right to defend my self … like what some say that I exploit my daughter or daughter is lost and needs guidance, and I, on the contrary, have not fallen short and all mothers do not fall short with their children, concluding her speech:“ Fear the evil of the haleem if he gets angry .. God and God are on me. And on my enemies. ”


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