Muhammad Ramadan comments on his picture with the Israeli singer.


The artist, Muhammad Ramadan, commented on the photo that spread hours ago and collected him with a famous Israeli singer called Omer Adam (Omir Adam), through his personal account on the “Instagram” site.Ramadan said, “I do not know and I do not ask about the nationality of everyone I photograph with him. Any person who asks is imagined with me as long as he preaches with him. My life is what I ask him about his religion, his color, or his nationality.”

He continued, “We are all human beings, we are all created by our Lord, the Almighty, and one is one, there is no god but He is the Living Qayyum, I do not have a vision with whom everyone who seeks is imagined with me, with a vision with him. Every Republican knows that. “I do not care your name nor color nor human birth care if Malouche address.”

According to the agency, the Ramadan deleted the comment does not answer his phone.Emirati Hamad Al Mazrouei published a picture of Mohammed Ramadan and an Israeli singer called Omir Adam, via Twitter. The Israel page in Arabic re-published the photo, commenting “Art always brings us together,” a photo that sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites.


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