Mourinho fears for Bale to play for Wales


Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho called on Welsh officials to cautiously deal with Gareth Bale’s case while performing national duty with his country, saying he feared that the striker’s effort to regain full fitness during his participation with Wales would be wasted.

Bale was a key player in Tottenham’s 3-1 home win over Ludogorts in the European League on Thursday, and appeared to be as focused as he had since his return to Tottenham on loan from Real Madrid last September.

Tottenham, third in the Premier League, will visit West Bromwich Albion on Sunday ahead of the international break.

Wales host the United States on Thursday in a friendly match, before facing Ireland and Finland in the European Nations League.

Mourinho said, “Bill has already had enough problems in the past. He is working hard, and we are all helping him, so I call on everyone to carefully deal with his case because we do not want to waste the work that everyone has done in the last two months.”

He added, “The Wales team will play two matches in the Nations League, and I expect to participate, but if the team takes care of him as we do, then they should pay attention to the recovery period between matches.”

“They have to find a sufficient period of rest between matches and the number of minutes he plays, and to prevent him from being completely exhausted,” Mourinho added.


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