Moroccan artist Mahmoud Al-Idrissi dies of the Corona virus


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This afternoon, Thursday, the Moroccan artist Mahmoud Al-Idrissi died at the age of 72, of complications from his infection with the Corona virus.

Mahmoud Al-Idrisi was admitted to the resuscitation department, in one of the clinics of Al-Bayda, after his health condition deteriorated due to the impact of Corona’s complications.

The artist Mahmoud Al-Idrissi, born in 1948 in Rabat, is considered one of the symbols of the Moroccan song.

The late Idrissi enriched the Moroccan artistic treasury throughout his artistic career, which began in 1964, with wonderful songs, including “Happy Hour”, “Be patient, my heart,” “Mahal Forget the Mind,” “Live Oh My Country,” and other works.

Source: Hespress


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