More than a third of Covid patients will die in intensive care despite the efforts made


The director of Beirut Governmental Hospital, Firas Al-Abyad, pointed out, “A few days ago, a middle-aged patient died of“ Covid 19 ”in our intensive care unit. It is difficult to lose a patient, but the loss was felt by a member of the team The medical doctor, who collapsed emotionally and was unbearable for days, “explaining that” the patient was admitted for less than two weeks. ”

Al-Abyadh said, in a statement on social media, that “this grief is usually devoted to the loss of a family member or dear friend. However, the reaction of our health care worker was not surprising, as caring for the patient requires a degree of emotional investment, as he Not only does he care about the person, he also cares about him.

He also stressed that “Covid patients in the intensive care unit need a tremendous amount of effort. Many are not doing well. After all the hard work of the staff and the emotional investment, the loss can be devastating. However, the staff must find the inner strength to move forward, and start A new journey with another patient. ”

Al-Abyadh said, “There are no guarantees. More than a third of Covid patients will die in the ICU despite the efforts made. It is difficult to be an employee in the ICU at the time of Covid. It is not easy to be a number. Lose, start again, Care, help, then maybe you lose again. Often times I wonder how they do that. ”

“Recently, there has been news of a few doctors and nurses leaving their profession. I am not surprised. Healthcare workers are under unbearable pressure, many of them are emotionally spending. However, most of them silently shoulder their burden and keep on giving. We will always be indebted to them. “


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