Moamen Zakaria celebrates the image of Khatib kissing his head on the night of the coronation of the African Championship


The star Moamen Zakaria, the player of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team, shared with his fans and followers a picture of his appearance at the moment of Al-Ahly’s coronation in the ninth African Champions League in its history, through his account on the “Instagram” site, in which the club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib appeared as he kissed his head on the coronation podium, which was admired by a number A large audience, and the comments on it were as follows: “Congratulations oh believer, and our Lord makes this joy a cause for your recovery …. even though I am your friend and my blood was burned.” “Congratulations, Captain, may God heal you and forgive you, God willing,” and “God is our joy. May God cure you and pardon you, my beloved … The tenth will remain in the stadium, God willing, we are all waiting for you.

Moamen Zakaria

A state of hysterical joy dominated the Al-Ahly club players after winning the ninth African title in the African Champions League, after beating Zamalek with two goals to one goal, in the final of the century, which brought the two teams together at the Cairo International Stadium, for the first time in the history of the continent, and the Al-Ahly celebrations witnessed the presence of Moamen Zakaria, the team’s player, joined his teammates on the stadium accompanied by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, where Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al Areen Al-Ahmar goalkeeper and the captain of Al-Ahly, introduced Moamen to his participation in raising the championship cup.


Moamen Zakaria, Al-Ahly player, raised the African princess with his teammates to celebrate Al-Ahmar’s victory in the ninth title in its history, as Muhammad Al-Shennawy took him to the podium to raise the cup, and Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly, was keen to kiss the player while raising the cup, before the rest of the players celebrated the cup. And take pictures with her.

Al-Ahly Club gets $ 2.5 million worth of reward for winning the CAF Champions League title after beating Zamalek with two goals for a goal in the final of the tournament that was held at Cairo Stadium, and Zamalek qualified for the African Champions League Final after its victory over Moroccan Raja, with a score of 1/3, in the second leg. The semi-finals of the African Champions League, after winning the first-leg match with an unanswered goal by Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the team’s wing, in the meeting that brought them together at Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, to qualify for Al-Ahly alongside Al-Ahly in the African Final.

Al-Ahly qualified for the final match of the African Champions League after its victory over Morocco’s Wydad, where the first leg that was held between the two teams at Mohammed V Stadium in Morocco ended with Al-Ahmar winning with two goals without a response, before confirming his superiority in the second leg in Cairo, and winning three goals against one goal , To cross the semi-final round with a score of 1/5, in the aggregate of the two matches.


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