Minister of Education: Launching the “Future Leaders” platform to fill leadership positions – Saudi News


The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, reiterated that the Ministry pursued a strategy of partnership with the community in light of the Corona pandemic to ensure the continuation of the educational process remotely, which resulted in the achievement of a Saudi model. Specialized international organizations still follow, evaluate and compare the Saudi experience in e-learning and distance education and conduct studies Field during the current semester to develop the experience and invest it globally. In an open meeting with the employees of Makkah Education, he said that the ministry has launched multiple options for male and female students to achieve flexibility in dealing with all circumstances to continue the education journey, stressing the importance of getting out of the challenge of suspending studies in the presence of great experiences and practices that enhance the culture of e-learning and build a true partnership with the family and society.He explained that the family has a great role in the educational process, as it is the observer and executive supporter to make full use of the services of the “Madrasati” platform and “Ain” channels, especially for mothers, noting that following up on the evaluation on the Madrasati platform and verifying learning outcomes extends from the school leader to the ministry’s apparatus , Through statistical panels and indicators.

Al-Sheikh stressed the importance of supporting people with disabilities to complete their educational journey remotely, through what Ain channels offer for special education, and the community’s contribution to supporting those efforts, explaining that the ministry is interested in training educational job holders to enable them to work efficiently, including the use of measurement and evaluation tools. Remotely.

The Minister of Education announced the launch of the “Future Leaders” platform within two weeks. To receive applications for candidacy to occupy leadership positions at the school level, the education office, the education department, cultural attachés and the ministry, he explained that the organizational structure and guide for education departments, and the organizational guides for education offices and schools, will soon be approved, to ensure more governance and operational efficiency. Al-Sheikh revealed the implementation and completion of projects with canceled and stalled contracts in Makkah, some of which have been stalled for more than 10 years, and include 27 school buildings, contain 582 classrooms, and serve 17460 students, at a total cost estimated at 195 million riyals.


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