Microsoft Teams allows free video calls for 24 hours


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Microsoft has made available the free use feature on its Microsoft Teams video calling app for 24 hours, for up to a maximum of 300 users; It is a feature not present in any other application even the Zoom application, and users of the Microsoft Teams application will be able to communicate with their friends and colleagues at work via video for free for 24 hours, without the need to download the application to take advantage of the free use feature, as they will have to log in directly from the Microsoft Teams website Through the web on computers or laptops, they can also reach more than 49 users of family and friends through the Together Mode feature, which puts users in a virtual environment.

With its new feature, Microsoft Teams competes with most other video applications, including the famous Zoom application, which allows its users to make free calls for only 40 minutes, which has become a big gap between the two applications, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus and the need to adhere to social distancing measures and recently added the Microsoft Teams application The blurry background feature for its users while making video calls by hiding the background of the place they are calling from, to help them overcome embarrassing situations and secure their privacy by not showing where they are calling.

The application reached a record number of users in the recent period since it was launched for free for users due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, as it exceeded 75 million daily users around the world, with an increase in the number of users who can make a group video call from 4 users to 9 users at the same time, and there More than 200 million participants in Teams calls last April, and the Microsoft Teams application is one of the most important services provided by Microsoft, the American software company, which is witnessing a 70 percent increase in the number of users, and the application gives high quality video image and sound accuracy.

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