Merkel calls for speeding up the supply of Corona vaccine to poor countries


On Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her “concern” about the slow pace of talks aimed at providing the poorest countries with the emerging coronavirus vaccine.

At the conclusion of the virtual G20 summit organized by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Merkel told reporters in Berlin, “We will now see with the Gavi coalition to secure the vaccine when these negotiations will start because what worries me is that nothing has been done so far.”
She emphasized that the European Union, the United States and other rich countries have signed agreements with pharmaceutical laboratories with the aim of ensuring that they obtain vaccines.
On Sunday, the G20 leaders pledged to make every effort to ensure that the new Corona virus vaccines reach everyone in a fair way, and that “remaining financing needs” for these vaccines are met.
But the Global Gavi Coalition, which aims to ensure a fair distribution of vaccines and medical tools, still needs $ 3.8 billion.
Germany has already pledged 500 million euros to the global vaccination program (Kovacs), which is managed by the Gavi coalition.

“The most important thing is for Kovacs to start negotiations with vaccine makers by using the money that has already been raised. It is the right step that should be taken,” Merkel added.


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