Mayar Al-Beblawy reveals her health condition after her discharge from the hospital


On the first of November, the son of the artist, Mayar Al-Beblawy, revealed that his mother had entered a hospital in America, due to a severe health problem, then two weeks later, he announced that his mother had been discharged from intensive care and that his health condition was improving.

Then the artist Mayar Al-Beblawy revealed, yesterday, Monday, her health condition, expressing her happiness to be discharged from the hospital, and also thanking everyone who called for her for a speedy recovery.

Mayar wrote, through her account on Facebook, saying: “Oh God, thank God, I left the hospital and came back home, but I am still not allowed to travel because of my leg. By God I don’t know. Thank you. Thank you for your calls to other than the judiciary. Oh God, complete your recovery, O Akram, who was asked .. Do not forget me from the good of your prayers so that I will return to my sadness. “

The artist Mayar Al-Beblawy was living in a great state of sadness following the death of her brother recently, as he appeared during a message that she sent and included influential words to her late brother after his death recently. The artist Mayar Al-Beblawy wrote through her official account on the Facebook website: “He passed away, to the mercy of God, my dear brother Alaa. I die for you, O Noor, your sister’s eye, O Lord, patience is with you, for God and to Him we shall return.

This comes after the artist Mayar Al-Beblawy confirmed that the death of her brother is a great shock, praying to God to cover him with the breadth of his mercy and forgiveness, as she commented on me through her official Facebook account, saying: “I don’t know that you will leave me in such a long time. You broke my back and my heart, oh your sister’s heart.“.

And Mayar Al-Beblawy had made the decision to wear the veil while participating in the series “The Shams Family”, with the artist Simon, where she had previously confirmed that she was playing the role of a flight attendant with him, and when they found her in the veil, the dress was amazed and asked, “Are you going to wear the veil or what?”, And she said to her, Oh and I will not take it off again And, indeed, she completed the last two scenes in the series with the hijab.


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