May Al-Aidan attacks Ahmed Badir, describing him as “Al-Aqra” again after he sued her – (photo)


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“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Kuwaiti media outlet Mai Al-Aidan launched a scathing attack on the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir, describing him as “Al-Aqraa” again, after his decision to sue her for She bullied him and mocked him.

وعلّقت Mai Al-Aidan On this decision, through her own page on the “Instagram” site, and she wrote: “I would love to respond to this news. I would like to say to Ahmed Deir, the courts are open from 7 in the morning, trust in God. Because the law is held accountable for insulting and slandering and attributing something that is not yours.

She added: “I said his daughter, Mazzeh Talaat, the girl of al-Qara, and you are really knocking and in a million syllables in your plays while people laugh at your knock, and with all due respect, Suhair Al-Babyloni rolled over your baldness in Rayya and his knife. Why did you not consider it an insult? Whoever does not reach him with your hand is a table with your foot. ”

And Al-Idan continued: “Your hair is not like Rushdi Abaza to your eyebrows, and I attributed something that is not in you. You see your image beside me and I see if you are knocking or not with hair, but let the lawyer see him with two pennies of you. I did not move me a hair, but in order to know that I am a democracy. I published your daughter’s response and your response and the comments were empty. “I have not closed it. For your information, you see that I have a lawyer, 6 and understand the law and its portfolio.”

And she had published the sticks on her own page a few days ago, a composite image of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Badir And his daughter Sarah, and commented on her, saying: “A picture of the daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir. . And God gave his daughter Mazza. . Bent Al-Aqra ”.

For her part, Sarah Ahmed Badir responded violently to the sticks through “Facebook”, and considered that she was a rowdy person who loves bullying, especially bullying against artists.


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