Maradona’s legacy could set off a major conflict between his separated family


A source close to the family of the late Argentine star Diego Maradona, who preferred not to be named, expected that a “big battle” would break out over his inheritance because he “did not leave a will”, and because friendliness is missing among family members.
Maradona had threatened in 2019, in the midst of a dispute with his daughter Janina, who accused his entourage of not taking care of him, that he would donate all that he owned, including investments, real estate, luxury cars, advertising contracts and others.
However, later, Maradona reconciled with his daughter and her sister Dalma, who repeatedly posted emotional messages on social media, especially on the sixtieth birthday of their father, on the 30th of last October, knowing that they are from his ex-wife Claudia Viavenni.
Months before the birth of his daughter Dalma, his son Diego Junior was born to another woman, Italian Cristina Senagra, but he did not recognize him until after 29 years, and the latter was unable to travel from Italy to attend his father’s funeral in Argentina due to his infection with the Coronavirus.
In 2008, Maradona also admitted to his daughter Jana, born in 1996 through his relationship with Valeria Sabalin, who was closest to him in recent months, and he is said to have also had three children in Cuba, but he did not recognize them.
Argentine law stipulates that two-thirds of the inheritance be transferred to the children and the wife, so that they cannot be deprived of it, and only a fifth of his possessions can be donated according to a will.


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