Maradona … the southern boy who conquered the world


It is the toughest news in 2020. This year full of tragedies and disappointments has refused to end without the king being kidnapped. The best player in football history, magician, troublemaker and golden boy Diego Armando Maradona passed away at the age of 60 after suffering from illness. Captain Fidel Castro’s loyal friend passed away on the same day his friend was absent (November 25). Maradona is also a companion of Hugo Chavez, and he took Guevara as a role model, refusing to submit to FIFA and its biased judgments. Maradona is part of the World’s Memory. Maradona’s dream … football before him is one thing and after it is another.

“Diego, who is on the court, sanctified by your left hand, to bring us your charm. Let your goals be immortalized as in heaven as well as on earth, give us some magic every day, forgive the English as we forgive the Mafia of Naples, do not fall into infiltration and free us from Havelange and Pele … Diego. This is the prayer of the Maradon Church. The cult of Maradona is not an illusion or a lie. There are more than 200,000 people who worship the son of the city of Lanus, near Buenos Aires, in a church founded in 1998 by some of his fans. Perhaps they don’t worship the person Maradona, but the dream Maradona that gave happiness to an entire people. Maradona, who carried the Argentine Cross, defeated the English in 1986 to lift the World Cup, and his country was rehabilitated after the “sons of the Queen” occupied the Falklands.
Maradona is more than a player for Argentines, and the vast majority of soccer fans in the world see him as the savior. He fought alone with honor. Lifting the World Cup that he dreamed of is small despite the nose of the global system, and spherical from it. Everyone fought Maradona, player and coach, but he won and his name remained immortal. As a child I had two dreams, he said, “to play and win the World Cup,” and this is what really happened.
Diego is unlike anyone, he left Buenos Aires, Argentina, to take over Europe. The poor son of the south defeated all the arrogant people of the north. The world did not believe at the time, Maradona alone defeated all the stars of Europe, but by that he stirred the colonial tendency latent within the Europeans, and he was subjected to shaming in his matches in the Spanish League, until he nearly lost his foot in a match, and was left on a sidewalk in Spain without aid. Maradona won championships in Spain, but found himself with his own countrymen, with the poor Italian south in Naples. There, Maradona dominated Italy, Europe, and then the world. He won all possible titles with Napoli, after which he lifted the European Cup, and then the World Cup in his own way, after a goal with his hand, and another goal in which he surpassed all the players of the English opponent. The victory over England restored the honor to the Argentines, who lost their islands after the British aggression.

Maradona passed away the same day that his friend Fidel Castro was gone

Diego was more than just a footballer, he was a role model and a role model. He painted the dreams of the poor through football, as they painted his pictures on the walls of their homes and in the narrow alleys of Italy and Argentina. He was fierce and refused injustice. He once said, “I am black or white, I will not be gray in my life.” “There was no better experience for the ball than going under his left foot,” said fellow national teammate Jorge Valdano.
Maradona’s tumultuous life on the field was also off the field, as he is addicted to drugs. Once in Naples he wanted to leave, so the mafia intervened and kept him on its way after it had fallen into a drug trap, then his career began to decline little by little, despite his attempts to get rid of it. Diego traveled to Geneva, Toronto, Spain and South Korea to find a panacea in their clinics, before he suffered several medical setbacks in recent years.
In the most difficult periods of his life, he found only Castro beside him, who treated him in Cuba on more than one occasion.
They understood Maradona of the world early on. He supported good against evil. He was loyal to Castro and Chavez and rejected US wars, including the war on Damascus, believing that Washington had clear intentions to destroy Syria, in addition to full support for all left-wing regimes in South America, whether in Venezuela, Nicaragua or Bolivia. .
Argentina declared three days of mourning, and so did the world who mourned Maradona. The news came like a thunderbolt. “You have taken us to the top of the world,” said Argentine President Alberto Fernandes. You made us very happy. You were the greatest of them all. Thanks for being there, Diego. We will miss you in life. ” His compatriot Lionel Messi, the Barcelona star, also mourned him, who said, “It is a sad day for all Argentines and football. He left, but he will not go, because Diego is eternal. ” The Barcelona star added, “I will preserve all the beautiful memories that I lived with him, and send my warm condolences to his family and friends. rest in peace”.
It is a sad day when an exceptional hero, not only a soccer player, but a ferocious fighter died, who defended the poor against the arrogant rich. Maradona, as Cristiano Ronaldo said about him, will remain immortal, “He is a magician who cannot be compared to anyone.”

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