Maradona in the eyes of Mahmoud Darwish


Maradona was present in the legacy of the late great poet Mahmoud Darwish, who dedicated him to an article after the end of the 1986 World Cup, which the player won with the Argentine national team. The Palestinian poet praised the legendary player and “mourned” in him the fans of Maradona, who is of course one of them, because of the void he left in the lives of many after the World Cup ended. Some of what was stated in the article:What do we do after Maradona returned to his family in Argentina? With whom will we stay up, after we used to attach the tranquility and fear of the heart to its miraculous feet? And to whom do we forget and get excited after being addicted to it for a month during which we turned from viewers into lovers? And to whom will we raise the screams of enthusiasm, pleasure and pins of blood, after we found our desired hero in him, and fueled our thirst for the need for: a hero .. a hero we applaud for him, we pray for him for victory, we hang an amulet for him, and we fear for him – and our hope for him – from being broken? The individual, the individual is not a heresy in history. Hey Maradona, Hey Maradona, what did you do by the hour? What did you do with the dates?
Maradona claps in pain. If he doesn’t pay, Argentina will die of tears. And if he doesn’t, Argentina will raise its stigma in the Falklands. Nationalism would stop dancing, and arrogant England would win the war twice. But Maradona is leading the ball in terms of power receding. Maradona returns the island to Argentina. He warns the British Empire that it lives in the joys of the past … the distant past.

Maradona, my hero …
Maradona, my hero, where do we go tonight?
Maradona, help your parents, help us endure this life, help this era out of boredom and usher in a longing for individual heroism.
Maradona, when do you carry your name on our lips so that we can go back to reading Hegel and Nietzsche?
Maradona, Maradona, Maradona !!

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