Maradona doctor reveals the scenes of the last hours


On Sunday evening, Leopoldo Loki, the doctor of legend, Diego Armando Maradona, insisted that he had nothing to scare him and was proud of the treatment he had given to the late soccer star.

During a press conference, the doctor explained the condition of the football legend Maradona and the scenes of the last hours in his life, and how Maradona made his own decisions, when he was suffering from health crises due to drug and alcohol addiction and the decision to rehabilitate at home.

“We have all gathered to see Diego in the best condition,” said Loki. “The doctors and I and his family cannot do anything without his will.”

And he continued: “We sought to put an end to the issue of the pills that he was taking and control his alcohol consumption,” according to the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

And he added, “There was no medical necessity to keep Maradona in the hospital, we could have taken him to the rehabilitation center, but we needed Diego’s approval and that was his decision.” There is no mistake from the doctor. ”

He said, “Here there are no decisions and there are medical standards, and when the operation is performed for a patient, the exit criteria depend on the patient, there was no mistake from the doctor, and he was suffering from a heart problem that could happen to a patient like him, everything possible was done to reduce this matter but no You can block this possibility. ”

About the surgery, Loki said, “I got full support from the Argentine Society of Neurosurgery regarding Diego’s need for surgery, and 6 doctors evaluated the case, and death had nothing to do with surgery.”

He continued, “He was discharged from the hospital after the surgery and the ideal thing was for him to undergo rehabilitation, but he did not want to. “.


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