Manchester United news: Ancelotti bags Solskjaer and announces his dismissal


Sport 360 – It is not strange to say that it is a loss Manchester United today Everton at The ninth round of the English Premier League It will mean the departure of Ole Chinar Solskjaer from coaching the Red Devils, as the conditions in which United are living make the removal of the coach the most appropriate solution for the Board of Directors to stop the bleeding of points and put an end to the disappointing results.

Manchester United is experiencing a crisis of real results with Solskjaer, despite the fact that he led his group in the Champions League by beating Paris Saint-Germain and Leipzig, and providing a positive level in the two matches, but he presented a defensive performance that can be described as the historical scandal against the Istanbul municipality when Demba Ba was alone in United’s goal Nearly 70 meters away, even though it’s only 12 minutes since the match starts.

Today’s Manchester United and Everton match is the final opportunity for Solshire

The British newspapers were unanimous over the past two days that United’s loss against Everton means the sacking of Solshire from his post. The nice man and coach Carlo Ancelotti may have caused this dismissal, as he is a team aspiring to compete to qualify for the Champions League next season, after stumbling in the past three rounds. All that remains for him is to exploit the lost state of Manchester United to achieve victory.

Firing Solshire today or tomorrow would be the best solution for United in several ways:

1- United occupies the fifteenth position in the Premier League table currently, which is short of one to two matches for most teams, while today’s stumbling will make them fall further down the rankings, which is something that the board of directors cannot accept.

2- If they falter today, this will be the fifth falter for United in their stronghold of Old Trafford, and this is a great calamity, so how will the Red Devils be able to compete to qualify for the Champions League while they are suffering from this shameful record? The problem is that 3 previous failures occurred against United’s teams competing to qualify for the Champions League, namely Tottenham (1-6 loss), Chelsea (0-0 draw) and Arsenal (0-1 loss), and today Everton seems to be his ambition to qualify for the Champions League as well.

3- The English Premier League is on the verge of a two-week hiatus, which is an acceptable period for the new coach to review some of his team’s problems and start looking for solutions. In the event that Solskjaer is not sacked now and the results worsen, the dismissal may be in the midst of tremendous match pressure, which is not pleasant for the new coach.

Do we need to see Manchester United vs Everton to judge Solshire?

I think this is the most important question. Does United really need to watch the Manchester United match today in order to determine the fate of Solskjaer? In order to answer this question, several questions must be answered first:

1- Did Manchester United improve in terms of results with Solshire over two years? Solshire took over the coaching of United in the midst of the 2018-2019 season and the team ranks sixth on the Premier League ladder, and ended the season in the same position without any improvement in the team’s standings, and he was also unable to compete in the FA Cup and deposited the Champions League quarter-final. In the following season, he needed the last round to qualify for the Champions League, and he could not seriously compete for any title.

2- Is there an improvement and development in the performance of some players at Manchester United? Solskjaer is not required to make all his players a better level, but he is required at least to restore a good copy of some players, or work on the development of other players, something that did not happen with any of them, on the contrary, he lost the best striker in his team (Romelu) Lukaku) and did not give him the opportunity to prove himself in the 2018-2019 season.

3- Does Manchester United seem to be able to develop to reach the level of Manchester City or Liverpool? When you lead the helm of United, it is required of you to bring the team back to the top, or at least bring it close to it, which is clearly occupied by Liverpool and Manchester City in England, while United does not seem able in the near term to reach this level. It is true that the quality of people makes the difference, but also the lack of development with Solshire over the course of two years (as we explained in the previous two questions) has an important role in this downside.

From these three questions and their answers, we find that the issue of Solshire’s assessment at Manchester United is supposed to have reached the final stage, as the coach has been appointed for two years and the team still suffers from the same problems that he suffered with Mourinho, but I am almost certain that the situation with the Portuguese coach was better than it is. On it now.

Therefore, the departure of Solshire, and the arrival of another coach such as Mauricio Pochettino or Julian Nagelsmann, the only solution to save the Manchester United project, and to find the right way to return to the top, as was the case with Sir Alex Ferguson.

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