Mahmoud Saeed … a million pounds painting!


In its auction of Middle Eastern and contemporary art, Bonhams sold, on Tuesday, the painting “Unemployed” (Le Chômeur – 1946 – 80 x 70 cm / photo) to the famous Egyptian artist Mahmoud Saeed (1897-1964) for a meeting. Over $ 1.6 Million USD. According to the house’s website, Le Chômeur is a rare painting that critics classify as one of Said’s “masterpieces”. The work is exhibited at the Louvre Museum and is owned by the famous Egyptian actress and fashion icon Laila Shair (1940). Note that the painting was expected to generate between 467 and 667 thousand dollars. Alexandria was affected in the 1940s by unemployment and homelessness, as thousands of veterans returned home from World War II. One of these men was the subject of the painting, full of sympathy.

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