Maguy Bou Ghosn congratulates Nassif Zaitoun on the success of his song Ya Asal


She congratulated the Lebanese actressMaguy Bou GhosnHer fellow Lebanese artistNassif ZaitounOn the success of his new song, which he recently released “Ya Asal”, writing through her own account on the social networking site: “Congratulations Nassif Zaitoun is always distinguished. And my dear friend.”Khaled Al-AghaWe will not forget this sweet Friday. I miss you”.
Nassif Zaitoun, in turn, responded to Maguy Bou Ghosn’s comment, saying: “Thank you, Sit Maggie’s singer, and the best Jumuah, by God we missed us.”
Bou Ghosn’s comment came after Khaled Al-Agha, a journalist, published a picture of his two artists when he hosted them together on his program, commenting: “I congratulate my dear friend and dear to my heart, Nassif Zaitoun, a new one, O honey. “.


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