Long-awaited European announcement: a “slight” sign of Corona’s slowdown


1.8 million cases of Corona were recorded last week, down slightly from more than two million cases the previous week.

Dr. said. Hans Kluge “We have to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it will be a difficult 6 months.”

He added that people could avoid the most stringent outbreak-control restrictions if they were more willing to abide by the recommendations.

He explained, “The status arrived Gags For about 95 percent, no shutdowns would be required. But with 60 percent or less of the current use of masks, it is difficult to avoid shutting down. “

Klug also warned countries that are leaving Closure Faster than necessary, without imposing other measures than that Corona Virus will return. He called for a gradual system of lifting restrictions based on the rate of infection in the community.


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