Live broadcast | Watch the Arsenal match and his birth today in the European League


Arsenal is a heavy guest at Molde Stadium, to meet the Norwegian Molde team, this evening, Thursday, November 26, 2020, within the framework of the activities of the fourth phase of Group Two in the group stage of the European League 2020/2021 AD.

The Kora 365 website offers to watch the Arsenal match and its generator live today, and it is scheduled to start today at 8:55 pm Mecca time, that is, eight but five minutes Egyptian local time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on BN Sport HD2 with an audio performance by commentator Amer Al-Khudairi.

Arsenal beat Mold by four for a goal, one way before the international break, to top the group standings table with 9 points, achieving the full score so far.

Al Madfaiya looks forward in today’s meeting to achieve victory, and there is no alternative but to formally qualify for the second round, i.e. the 32nd round, with all merit and merit, to continue his European career successfully.

As for the Norwegian team, which ranks second in the standings with 6 points, they will try to forget the past defeat and focus on today’s match that hopes to achieve victory to get closer to qualifying for the next round.

On the ground, Molde will try to rely on some of his deadly weapons inside the green rectangle, which he prepared for this strong battle, through which he seeks to win to put more pressure on the opponent and threaten him strongly and take revenge on him.

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