LG Delivery Robot for Home Food Delivery


The South Korean company, LG, has begun experiments with indoor robotic delivery.

The company said its delivery service robots, called LG Cloi ServeBot, can use elevators on their own to move between 9 floors above ground and a basement to deliver lunch boxes, sandwiches and drinks.

According to aitnews website, the indoor robotic delivery service is supposed to deliver products from the small stores run by the local supermarket chain GS25 to anyone inside the company’s headquarters in Seoul called LG Science Park.

LG Cloi ServeBot includes three drawers, each of which can carry up to 15 kg of cargo, and the robot can efficiently and hygienically deliver goods to its destination without remote control.

Customers can order using the KakaoTalk chat app, and convenience store employees place the ordered goods in the robot’s drawers and enter the destination after the order has been issued.

The robot then leaves and sends information on its destination wirelessly to a nearby elevator, and after reaching its destination, it calls and sends text messages to the customer notifying him of his arrival.

LG said: The whole process takes five minutes at most, and those who manage the robots will be able to monitor the status of the robots and browse the delivery log.

LG said: The robots save time for office workers and reduce human contact.

The company added that it is collaborating with GS Retail, which operates the GS25 brand, to improve the convenience and user experience of its delivery service.


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