Lebanon is about “worse than the Italian model” … Respiratory patients are losing their lives


Rajana Hammeh wrote in “Al-Akhbar” newspaper under the heading “Lebanon Towards” Worse Than the Italian Model “:” Can the state do in two weeks of closure what it has failed to do in nine whole months? ” Almost everyone has this question after taking the decision to close completely for two weeks, especially from the “people of the house” before ordinary people; They believe that what has not been accomplished in the past nine months may not be able to be applied now, as people evade preventive measures and the insane rise in the number of injuries and deaths, which recorded 1922 injuries and 14 deaths yesterday. As for the hospitalization count, it recorded 826 cases yesterday, including 300 in intensive care and 140 cases connected to respirators.

From here, there were not many optimists. Until the closure proves the opposite, they rely on an inventory of the daily numbers of the meter to crystallize the nature of the scenario that Lebanon accepts. The head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the American University, Ghassan Skaf, considered it “tragic”, in terms of its “trend towards something more dangerous than the Italian scenario.” . Skaf based his forecasts on the daily schedules of injuries, based on the cumulative total number, passing through laboratory recoveries and the numbers of deaths and injuries in the health sector, down to positive local examinations and the number of injured in hospitals. These indicators, according to Skaf, are not balanced between them, as the number of injuries touched 100,000, while the number of recoveries stabilized at 50 thousand. In addition, the speed of the virus’s spread has reached the point where the rate of positive examinations among residents exceeds 20 out of 100, “and this is a risk indicator that parallels the risk that the death count spreads with exceeding the rate of ten infections per day.” Although the high death rate is considered natural compared to the number of injuries, the number of hospitalizations and those in intensive care, what does not bode well is the number of those connected on respirators who lose their lives, which exceeded 60%.
And because these indicators are still unchanged, Skaf goes so far in his forecasts that “the number of HIV infections will reach 200,000 until the end of this year and nearly 2,000 deaths.” In a simple calculation, this means that “the number of injuries will reach three thousand injuries per day.” Read the full article Press here.


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