Launch the free version of the Brightness Manager app


Brightness Manager One of the very useful applications for the Android device campaign, and we previously reviewed the application and got acquainted with the features it offers to the masses of users, and now, there is a free version of the application called Brightness Control Free, so that finally, users can take a tour to see if that suits them without spending Thing.

And as you expect from the free Brightness Manager version, you will be able to change the brightness levels by creating schedules, in other words, scheduling the brightness, as well as, with it, you can customize automatic settings for specific applications, on top of which are e-book reading applications, so as soon as you open one of these applications, it will change Brighten the screen as you previously customized.

Finally, you can download the Brightness Control Free application via the link below, however, it includes some optional internal purchases, in order to open more tools, and it is sufficient to work with it that your device is running Android version 4.4 or later.

Download the Brightness Control Free app on Android.


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