Latest news today – Biden leads … Learn about the latest results of the US presidential election in the remaining states


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Today (Friday) the counting of votes in the US presidential election continues in the remaining five states, which are Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina.

The results of the count so far, according to the Associated Press, showed that the Democratic candidate, John Biden, had harvested about 264 electoral college votes, approaching the race in his favor, while his rival, Republican candidate Donald Trump, had won 214 votes, so far.

The results of the vote count in the remaining states indicate Biden’s progress in three states, and the most recent vote count came as follows:

1- Pennsylvania: Trump won 49.6% of the vote, Biden won 49.3%

2- Arizona: Biden gained 50.1%, while Trump got 48.5%

3- Georgia: Biden won 49.39% of the vote, while Trump got 49.37%

4- Nevada: Biden led by 49.43%, while the percentage of votes in favor of Trump reached 48.50%

5-North Carolina: Trump led by 50.1%, while Biden won 48.7% of the vote.

The Hadawah site offers you the latest news and everything new, sports news, global news, local news around the clock, the latest news today, from his shoe site.


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