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Audi has announced the launch of a modern version of the famous sporty R8, for the year 2021, with the German brand strengthening its fleet of sports cars on the market.

The site “Car and Driver” presented a presentation of the specifications and capabilities of the latest version of the powerful sporty R8 model, through which it reviewed the engine’s power, and the available categories for sale in the market.

What’s new in the 2021 version

The site mentioned that the most prominent modifications made by Audi to the 2021 version included allocating the all-wheel drive system to the advanced classes only of the R8 model with an engine producing 602 hp.

the prices

“Car and Driver” stated that the R8 model will be available in 4 classes for the year 2021 at different prices. The inaugural class of the model is the V10 Coupe RWD and is available at a price of $ 145,895.

And the higher category of them is the V10 Spyder RWD, which is available at $ 158,095, and the V10 Performance coupe Quattro, which is available at $ 200,295.

The highest-priced Audi R8 model is the V10 Performance Spyder Quattro, which is available at $ 212,495.

the engine

The inaugural Audi R8 models are offered with a 5.2-liter V10 engine producing 562 hp and 406 rpm.

The high-performance models are introduced as Performance, with a 5.2-liter V10 engine producing 602 hp and 413 rpm.

All models are offered with a 7-speed automatic transmission, S-tronic dual-clutch.

oil consumption

In terms of fuel consumption, the site stated that the Audi R8 model, in its version of 2021, is not fuel-efficient as a high-performance sports model, and the model consumes a gallon average for every 13 miles it travels on the road in cities, and gallons for every 20 miles it travels on the highway.


The model lacks an information display in the central control area, however, its dedicated indicator display has an MMI information system developed by Audi for its luxury cars.

In addition to the availability of Apple Car Play and Android Odoo operating systems, and a wireless Internet connection that supports the 4G network.

Security and protection

The website concluded its presentation of the model specifications by revealing the security and protection systems for the Audi R8 model, most notably a long-range headlight system and a driver-assist sensor system when parking the car.

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