Latest news today – a new study reveals how planets and stars formed millions of years ago


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Exclusive translation : A new study conducted by a group of researchers at Queen Mary University of Britain revealed that the basic building blocks of life such as amino acids are able to form in dark interstellar clouds and can be transformed into stars and planets over time.

Dense interstellar clouds
The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that an international team of scientists led by experts from Queen Mary University of London simulated the conditions inside the clouds of dust between dark stars, where they discovered that glycine, the simplest amino acid, can form under the harsh conditions in space.
Experts noted that glycine, and possibly other amino acids, are able to form in dense interstellar clouds before they turn into new stars and planets, as glycine formation was thought to require great energy, which puts clear restrictions on the environment in which it can form.

Lack of energy
But in the new study, a team of astrophysicists and astrochemical modelers were able to prove that it is possible for glycine to form on the surface of ice dust grains, in the absence of energy, through “dark chemistry.”
Experts at the Astrophysics Laboratory at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands explained that the new study contradicts previous studies that indicated that ultraviolet rays are required to produce glycine.

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