Laram: The passenger, “Aminatou Haidar,” was prevented from boarding a plane due to being infected with Corona


Clarification about Haider

Royal Air Maroc announced that the passenger, Aminatou Haidar, was prevented today, Wednesday, from boarding a plane bound for Las Palmas due to a confirmed case of corona.

In a communiqué, the company said, “After spreading false news on some social media networks related to the flight conditions of a passenger named Aminatou Haidar, Royal Air Maroc is keen to clarify that“ according to the health emergency protocol, the national company was informed by the health authorities in Laayoune, that the passenger in question has tested positive for COVID-19, adding that she was subsequently prevented from boarding flight AT1418 today, Wednesday, November 18, from El-Ayoun in the direction of Las Palmas.

The same source explained that this coordination between the health authorities, local authorities and the Royal Air Maroc company aims to preserve the health of passengers and the safety of flights, noting that according to the company’s procedures and those of most airlines, it is not logically possible for people with Covid-19 to board a flight and risk infecting all Passengers.

On the other hand, the communication concluded by reminding that anyone infected with the (Covid-19) virus should be subject to strict quarantine for a period of 14 days and avoid any contact with other people.

Today, Wednesday, separatist Aminatou Haidar made provocative statements affecting the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, through a video clip she recorded while she was at El-Ayoun airport.

Haidar, whose travel to the Spanish Canary Islands failed, made statements hostile to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, from the heart of El-Ayoun airport, attacking the Moroccan authorities, accusing them of harassing them.


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